Ssavarto is brand which gives Indian priceless craftsmanship alive, where most the world is dominated by ready-made, Ssavarto bring in classic tailor made suit and designer wear at phenomenal value for money price.

It is often heard that " The reality is the product of Imagination" which could also relate to a "Garment Designed, and made is the product of Imagination". But that's not the case with us, when we create, our inspirations are reality, real life that creates a dream.

The inspiration for Ssavarto collections doesn't start from our mind and not even from paper, it starts from the fabric, feel and drape of the fabric, then it moves to draping on a dress from and lastly on a paper which goes to pattern maker.

The main focal point of Ssavarto is, fabric, consteuction, and design in its simplistic form

Ssavarto a mixture of soft Tailoring and Classic fashion that evokes multi culturalism and ideas of heritage. The design ethos is based upon embedding cultural identities into our garments from both a research and production point view. we craft contemporary men's / Women's wear using traditional Indian craftsmanship and methods of production. Ssavarto men's / Women's wear is constructed using handcfrafted tailoring technique.

What is our initial inspiration for making garments?

Life, Nature, and Vintage tailoring and tailored put together are Inspiration for making our garments.

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