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Fashion Week Columbus Celebrates a Fur-Free & Inclusive Event

Updated: Nov 3

Fashion Week Columbus, an eagerly awaited event for fashion enthusiasts, has kicked off, promising seven days of runway shows, presentations, and parties at various locations. While it continues to be a platform for local designers and models, this year brings a significant change - a fur-free policy. Additionally, the event marks a "first" with the introduction of a "Curvy Runway," highlighting inclusivity in the fashion world.

A Trailblazing Fur-Free Fashion Week:

In a pioneering move, Fashion Week Columbus has taken a bold step by becoming the first fashion week in the United States to adopt a fur-free policy. The decision reflects a growing awareness of animal welfare and a commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion practices. The Humane Society of the United States, a non-profit organization dedicated to animal welfare, has applauded this initiative.

An Inclusive "Curvy Runway":

Another remarkable addition to this year's event is the "Curvy Runway," presented by BG Luxe. This runway celebrates diversity and body positivity, offering a platform for models of all shapes and sizes to showcase their style. This step towards inclusivity represents a significant shift in the fashion industry, promoting acceptance and representation.

A Major Opportunity for Local Talent:

Since its inception in 2010, Fashion Week Columbus has provided local designers and models with an invaluable opportunity. It serves as a springboard for their careers, offering a prominent stage with a minimal entry fee. The event's impact extends beyond the runway, helping aspiring fashion professionals in Columbus and central Ohio establish and expand their businesses. Keira Chatman, Executive Director of the Columbus Fashion Council, which hosts the event, emphasizes the significance of this platform in catapulting local talent in the fashion industry.

The Columbus Fashion Council's Impact:

Fashion Week Columbus is not only a showcase but also a major fundraiser for the Columbus Fashion Council, an organization founded by Thomas McClure. The council's mission is to support and promote the fashion industry in Columbus throughout the year. Collaborating with partners such as the Columbus Downtown Development Corporation and IL Moda Brand Development, the council has played a vital role in developing the Columbus Fashion & Retail District, which includes the Common Thread shops.

In addition to these efforts, the Columbus Fashion Council has awarded $55,000 in scholarships to students at the Columbus College of Art & Design, contributing to the growth of the fashion industry in the city. Despite Columbus ranking third in the country for the number of resident fashion designers, many local residents remain unaware of the city's vibrant fashion scene.

Fashion Week Columbus 2023 signifies not only a celebration of style but also a commitment to ethical fashion choices and inclusive representation. With its fur-free policy and the introduction of the "Curvy Runway," the event is leading the way in embracing a more compassionate and diverse fashion industry. This, along with its continued support for local designers and models, demonstrates the event's vital role in nurturing Columbus' fashion landscape.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch

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