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Martina Hamilton: Crafting Jewellery on Ireland's Wild Atlantic Coast

Nestled on the rugged and breathtakingly beautiful Wild Atlantic coast of Ireland, Martina Hamilton creates exquisite designer jewellery that embodies the untamed spirit of the Atlantic Ocean. The essence of this wild coastline, with its glistening waters, sea-glass waves, and windswept beaches, serves as the wellspring of inspiration for her captivating designs.

The jewellery collections bearing Martina Hamilton's name are lovingly handcrafted in the heart of Sligo, a county steeped in natural beauty and creative abundance. It's in this picturesque setting that Martina and her dedicated team of master goldsmiths bring her visions to life. Their artistry and craftsmanship result in pieces that are as unique and awe-inspiring as the coastline that inspires them.

A Journey into Craftsmanship

Martina Hamilton's journey in the world of jewellery design has been nothing short of extraordinary. Her small family team of master goldsmiths have combined their talents to create an array of award-winning collections, each one a testament to their dedication and artistry. These remarkable creations can be found gracing the shelves of Ireland's most exclusive jewellery and craft retailers, making their mark in places like Bannon Jewellers, The Design Yard, Phillips Jewellers, and many more prestigious locations.

The allure of Martina's designs stems from her profound connection to the ever-changing Atlantic coastal landscape that surrounds her. This wild and unpredictable environment offers an endless source of inspiration, reflected in the flowing lines and intricate details of her jewellery. More recently, Martina discovered a deep-rooted family connection to Dernish Island, a tiny and uninhabited gem off Sligo's north coast. This newfound link has only deepened the well of inspiration for her designs.

A Treasure Trove of Artistry

Visitors to Sligo can explore Martina's designs at The Cat and the Moon, a charming shop located at 4 Castle Street. The store is a haven for lovers of artisan design and craft, where everything on display is handcrafted by skilled artisans residing in Ireland. It's a showcase of the rich creativity that thrives in the region.

But Martina Hamilton's contribution to the arts in Sligo doesn't stop at jewellery. In 2011, she opened the Hamilton Gallery, a dynamic space that hosts a continuous rotation of solo and group exhibitions by some of Ireland's most esteemed contemporary visual artists. The gallery serves as a vibrant hub for the local art scene, further solidifying Martina's status as a prominent figure in Ireland's creative community.

Martina Hamilton's journey from the wild and rugged Atlantic coast to the forefront of contemporary jewellery design is a testament to the power of nature, heritage, and artistry. Her collections are more than just accessories; they are expressions of the untamed beauty of Ireland's coastline, captured in precious metals and gemstones.

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