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Pandora Launches Its Digital Gift Card Program for Corporate Gifting in the UK

Updated: Nov 7

Pandora, the well-known jewellery brand, is entering the corporate gifting market in the UK with the introduction of gift cards during the summer season. In partnership with global payments technology firm InComm Payments, Pandora is developing a Business-to-Business (B2B) digital gift card program to diversify its revenue streams.

InComm Payments will be the exclusive provider and distributor of Pandora's corporate gift cards in the UK, expanding on its prior success with the brand's gift cards in the country. These corporate gift cards will be digital-only and available through the InComm Connect B2B gift card platform.

The digital gift cards will be redeemable at Pandora stores across the UK, with denominations ranging from £20 to £200. This initiative is expected to offer a variety of opportunities for businesses to customize Pandora corporate gift cards for employee benefits, loyalty and rewards programs, sales promotions, and more.

This summer will mark an important milestone as Pandora gift cards become available for corporate gifting in the UK. The collaboration between Pandora and InComm Payments aims to provide a new dimension to corporate gifting in the country, catering to businesses and their unique needs.

Since its establishment in the UK market in 2006, InComm Payments has formed partnerships with some of the country's largest retailers, ensuring that consumers have access to desired prepaid products and seamless payment experiences. This new endeavor with Pandora adds another layer to InComm Payments' offerings in the UK market.

Source: PandoraGroup

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