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The Glitz and Glamour of BravoCon Fashion: A Celebration of Style

BravoCon 2023, the star-studded extravaganza that took place at Caesars Forum in Las Vegas, not only served as a platform for fans to engage with their favorite Bravo TV personalities but also showcased a myriad of jaw-dropping fashion moments that pushed boundaries and left a lasting impression. Let's delve into the glamorous world of BravoCon fashion and explore some of the best and worst dressed celebrities of the event.

A look back at the fashion moments that defined BravoCon 2023

Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, known for their appearances on Vanderpump Rules, graced the red carpet in their signature style that didn't fail to turn heads. Sandoval's daring fashion statement featured a denim skirt, a statement logo belt, and black leather boots, complemented by a fitted black blazer. Paired sans shirt, this edgy ensemble left a lasting impression, albeit a polarizing one.

Lindsay Hubbard, from Summer House, took a step on the wild side with a latex jumpsuit that exuded boldness and daring. While the outfit lacked the finesse of a pop princess touch, her fresh beauty and subtle jewelry choices added a touch of sophistication to the ensemble.

Erin Lichy, a BravoCon attendee, opted for a no-pants look that perfectly captured the spirit of the event. Sporting a Staying Alive retro reference outfit, her fashion choice stood out among the crowd as an ideal representation of BravoCon's unique red carpet style.

Sai de Silva's fashion choice, on the other hand, failed to find cohesion. The ensemble, featuring a sleeveless turtleneck, a plaid skirt, and an unconventional black leather garter belt, left viewers feeling disoriented. The addition of knee-high boots gave it an eerie Halloween twist rather than a cohesive fashion statement.

Ariana Madix, a familiar face from Vanderpump Rules, donned khaki pants and a white top, reminiscent of a country club uniform. While the crop top t-shirt held promise, the crisscross and bra detailing overwhelmed the look, creating a mishmash of references that failed to harmonize. Nonetheless, her Genie in the Bottle-inspired hair caught the eye.

Katie Maloney, also from Vanderpump Rules, pushed the boundaries of punk fashion with a tartan punk high-neck sleeveless top, an aggressive studded belt, and patchwork army pants. The outfit was completed with black stockings and point stilettos, culminating in exciting fashion chaos that captivated the audience.

Lala Kent, yet another Vanderpump Rules cast member, brought athleisure onto the red carpet to mixed reviews. Sporting a Zumba-ready performance Lycra outfit, she embraced headbands and stilettos, blurring the lines between brunch and high-end fashion.

BravoCon showcased not only the creativity and audacity of the attendees but also the opportunities for brands and personalities to make a lasting impression in the fashion world. It provided a platform for these individuals to express themselves and experiment with unconventional fashion choices.

The fashion moments at BravoCon 2023 demonstrate the possibility of breaking fashion barriers, albeit with mixed success. They serve as a reminder that fashion should be a reflection of one's personality and an opportunity for self-expression, even on the grandest stages.

Although not every fashion choice hit the mark, BravoCon was a showcase of individuality, boldness, and the power of fashion to make a statement. It reminded us that the road to fashion success is paved with experimentation and fearlessness.

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