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Terms and conditions

Notice: Please carefully read these terms and conditions, which outline the rules governing the use of the Services provided by Fashionablyin. These Services include web sites, portals, content, search facilities, directory services, e-mail, forums, expert advice, blogs, newsgroups, and other services offered by Fashionablyin (to which additional terms and conditions may apply). By accessing any of the Services as a Member, Subscriber, or visitor, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Fashionablyin reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.

​1.   Definitions:

1.       1.1. Terms and Conditions: These general terms and conditions apply to all services provided by Fashionablyin, with additional terms possibly applying to certain services.

1.2. Fashionablyin: Fashionablyin is part of Prysm Media Group, with its registered office at Ground Floor, The Brewhouse, Georges Square, Bristol, England, BS1 6LA.

1.3. Fashionablyin: The internet site operated by Fashionablyin through which Users can register to become Members.

1.4. User: Any natural person or legal entity who registers to become a Member or enters as a Visitor to any Service.

1.5. User Name: The Members identification code.

1.6. User Password: The private key composed of letters and numbers chosen by the Member for access to certain Services or parts thereof.

1.7. Service(s): Any and all services provided by Fashionablyin, including web sites, portals, content, search facilities, e-mail services, forums, bulletin boards, newsgroups, and other services offered by Fashionablyin.

1.8. Privacy Policy: Fashionablyin's policy regarding the privacy of User information.

1.9. E-Mail address: A unique address supplied by Fashionablyin for electronic message exchange.

1.10. Third Party: A party other than Fashionablyin or the User.

1.11. Member: An individual User registered on

2.   User Privacy

1.      2.1. Users' privacy is taken seriously, and a comprehensive Privacy Policy is available for review.

2.2. Fashionablyin will respect personal information and comply with all applicable UK Data Protection legislation. Fashionablyin is registered with the Data Protection Registrar under Registration Notification Number ihx650.

2.3. Members agree to Fashionablyin's use of their provided personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy, subject to any applicable limitations or choices made during registration.

2.4. Members consent to receive e-mail communications from Fashionablyin about relevant Services.

2.5. Visitors' personal information use is in accordance with Fashionablyin's Privacy Policy.

2.6. If Users interact with Third Parties providing content or services to any Service, they are subject to the Third Parties' privacy policies, which should be reviewed.

3.   Fashionablyin's Obligations to Members and Visitors:

3.1. Fashionablyin will use reasonable endeavors to maintain the Services in accessible and satisfactory operating condition. 3.2. However, Fashionablyin cannot guarantee uninterrupted access to the Services and is not liable for interruptions, failures, defects, or consequential losses arising from User's use or inability to use any Service.

4.   Users' Responsibility for Content and Conduct:

4.1. Users are responsible for any content they post or transmit on any Service.

4.2. Users are not permitted to post content that is unlawful, harmful to minors, threatening, harassing, abusive, defamatory, vulgar, violent, obscene, pornographic, invasive of privacy, or otherwise offensive.

4.3. Users will comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding online conduct and content.

4.4. Users will not use any Service to collect, store, or use information about others for unsolicited communications.

4.5. Users will not disrupt the functioning of any Service or interfere with other Users' use.

4.6. Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their User Name and User Password and must notify Fashionablyin of any unauthorized use or breach of security.

4.7. Users agree to provide accurate and current information on all registration and subscription forms.
4.8. Fashionablyin may use content posted by Users for promotional purposes, and Users grant Fashionablyin a non-exclusive license for such use.

4.9. Users agree that Fashionablyin is not responsible for offensive or objectionable content posted by other Users.

5.   Services:

1.      5.1. All Services are provided without warranties or guarantees unless specifically stated otherwise.

5.2. Fashionablyin may edit, move, or delete content for any reason and may disclose content or user information if required by law or to enforce these terms and conditions.

5.3. Fashionablyin is not responsible for Third-Party web sites or resources linked within the Services.

5.4. Fashionablyin owns intellectual property rights to the content and design of the Services unless otherwise attributed to Third Parties.

5.5. Users may view, copy, download, and print documents from the Services for personal non-commercial use only.

5.6. Fashionablyin reserves the right to impose limits on the storage space provided for certain Services.

5.7. Fashionablyin does not warrant the completeness, accuracy, or availability of information within the Services.

5.8. Competitions promoted by Fashionablyin or Third Parties may have separate rules and regulations.

6.   Limitation of Liability

6.1. Fashionablyin's liability is limited as specified, except for cases of death, personal injury, or liability prohibited from exclusion by law.

6.2. Fashionablyin is not liable for any consequential or indirect losses or special damages.

6.3. Fashionablyin's liability for direct loss is limited to the amount actually paid by the User to Fashionablyin.

6.4. Each limitation of liability is severable and independent, and ineffective portions do not affect the validity of the others.

7.   Other Conditions:

1.      7.1. If any provision of these terms and conditions is unenforceable, it will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

7.2. Fashionablyin may amend these terms and conditions, with amendments posted within the Services.

7.3. These terms and conditions constitute a contract made in England, governed by English law.

7.4. Fashionablyin reserves the right to eject attendees from events for non-compliance with Covid-19 related measures.

Covid-19 Disclaimer: Upon entering any Prysm Media Group event, you assume all risks associated with Covid-19. Prysm Media Group is not liable for attendees contracting or spreading Covid-19. Attendees acknowledge the contagious nature of Covid-19 and assume all risks associated with exposure, infection, and potential consequences. Attendees agree to abide by government guidelines and directions provided by staff at the venue. Failure to comply may result in ejection from the event.

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